Easy Shapes: Color Merge

"Easy Shapes: Color Merge" is a perfect blend of casual and strategic elements which is Super easy to play but hard to master. Simple Color(Colour) and Shapes make it fun for Kids, children and even for all ages. It has distinctively four colors as RED, GREEN, BLUE and YELLOW, and SQUARE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE and HEXAGON to start with. Each successful merge will multiply the value of the block twice. Each block destroyed will add the value to score.

Easy Minesweeper: Space Defence

Easy Minesweeper: Space Defense is a perfect blend of classic minesweeper gameplay and futuristic space fighting. You have been trapped in a mine field when your space petrol car crashes with an asteroid. Clear your way through the mine fields in a classic manner and reach your HOME !! Enjoy TRUE UNLIMITED LEVELs and complete control on game difficulty in quick match mode.

Easy Cricket

Easy Cricketâ„¢ is a new Cricket franchise, it is a perfect blend of casual game-play and hardcore cricketing game experience to provide maximum fun in Cricket space. Easy Cricket â„¢: Challenge Unlimited is a 20-20 challenge based fun cricket game, featuring both Premier League Clubs and major international cricket teams. This brand new Cricket game is casual to play with simple swipe control. Game has exciting hand rendered 3D art style in 2D space. This is a complete 2D cricket game simulating real time virtual 3D cricket ball physics.

Easy Spin: Viral Prevention

Viral infection has become a major problem of current world. Mankind is attacked by new viruses day by day. We need to support each other during this difficult days. Current world is suffering due to the attack of a new virus. Lakhs of people are already affected. We need to prevent the spread of the virus or the world will enter into a pandemic stage. Let us prevent the virus now !!