An Autonomous Body

Oak Barrel Games is an autonomous body, where we are creating games and also providing industry based training. We give topmost priority to our own students for hiring by refering students to other game development company. We brew various types of games starting from educational upto more complex 2D games. We also like to explore and experiment with games, as a result we have developed few other games in different genre. We are fighting with our flag ship product "Easy Cricket". Years of experience and hard work has finally given the result. We have just crossed 100k user count almost without promotion. Our next target is to get the product to its highest level of potentiality.

1 Jan 2018
10 Oct 2018
Released Easy Cricket
6 Oct 2019
Released Easy Spin
25 Sep 2020
Released Game "Shapes & Puzzles"

Hurry Up!

An Unique and great opportunity to learn mobile gaming. If you know any development language and have interest in becoming a game developer, OakBarrel is here to help you. WIth real time mobile gamer experience and experience training methodology we are running a Game development learning program which will not make sure you learn to build a mobile game it will also help you get a JOB in this interesting industry.