Who we are

OAK BARREL GAMES is a game development company, established at March, 2018. We develop our own gaming applications since 2018 onwards. At present five games are active in playstore. Among them "EASY CRICKET" is our most successful product. Apart from game development we also provide industry based training and groom our students for GAMING INDUSTRY. Our training modules are designed based on the current demand. According to the passion and academic background of individual, we groom our students at our level best, so that they become worthy for industry and become professional in future. We also provide other services like game development and publishing for clients, UX/UI design, Android and iOS Application Development, Web Design and Development.

We have talented resources like developers, designers, artists and marketing personels. Who are really working hard to promote our business and therefore we are expanding day by day. We believe in hard work, patience and perseverance. Our objective is to become a promising gaming company among the top ten gaming companies in India.


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Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
Kolkata, West Bengal, India


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